About Us

We are a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) based in Arizona with Special Occupational Tax (SOT) to sell machine guns and other NFA weapons. We sell firearms to law enforcement and civilian markets throughout the United States. Our mission is to provide product information and firearms to law-abiding citizens and law enforcement agencies. Our actions and priorities are guided by our Christian faith and are embodied in the following values:

Social responsibility

Adherence to the law is an essential part of the business. We operate in a culture where laws and regulations guide our business decisions.


We believe in honest and professional conduct in all business transactions.

Customer Satisfaction

Providing exceptional customer service is our top priority. We do our best to be responsive to the needs of the customers.


The safety of the public is of utmost importance. We promote safety by providing information, training, and resources that promote safe and responsible possession and use of firearms.